Freycinet Marine Farm

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September - May Daily 9am - 5pm
June - August Daily 10am - 4pm
Good Friday Closed
Christmas Day & Boxing Day Closed
New Years Day Closed
Freycinet Marine Farm is on the Freycinet Peninsula on Tasmania. The farm is made up of 6 different growing regions totaling just less than 150 acres and is a mixture of estuarine and fully marine growing areas. The estuarine areas are in the Greater Swanport river estuary, boarded by the Pelican Bay bird sanctuary on the upstream side and open to Great Oyster bay on the down stream side. The marine zones are off shore from Freycinet National Park and are open to the Southern Ocean to the south. Cool clean water forms the basis of our farm. We have no other industries in the area except some forests, vineyards and farms, our water is pure and therefore so are our oysters, we need to neither depurate nor scrub our product before it leaves the farm, it comes straight from the leases to your plate. In fact you can taste the clean waters of Tasmania’s east coast with every oyster that passes your palate. We grow our juvenile Pacific oysters in the estuarine areas, and finish our adult Pacific oysters and Tasmanian Blue Mussels in the fully marine areas.